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Discord/X Community

Foster an inclusive space by engaging authentically on Discord and Twitter. Cultivate genuine connections, share exclusive content, and celebrate milestones together for the ultimate NFT community experience.

10k NFT Supply

Create a groundbreaking series of 10,000 generative NFT artworks, codenamed $COON, prioritizing rarity and community engagement. Execute strategic marketing, fuel demand, and aspire to Bonk's wealth-creating success."

$COON Token

Leverage the power of Polygon's blockchain to deploy a utility token $COON, unlocking seamless transactions and scalability. Drive widespread adoption by integrating innovative features, ensuring a revolutionary and user-friendly experience for all.

Metaverse GameFi

Craft the ultimate Web3 gaming realm where players engage, strategize, and earn substantial rewards. Immerse users in an unparalleled experience, blending innovation and entertainment for a thrilling play-to-earn revolution.

Cooniverse 1.0

Embrace the transformative power of cryptocurrency to empower parallel realities. Seamlessly integrate digital currencies, enabling economic autonomy, decentralized governance, and boundless possibilities for a thriving and interconnected Cooniverse.


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Tycoon CLAN

Within the fantastical universe of Coollium, where “TheCoonies” NFT collection thrives, there exists a clan of remarkable creatures known as the Tycoons. These financial virtuosos play a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of the Coonies civilization, ensuring its prosperity and growth.

The Tycoons, with their innate ability to amass digital wealth, are the architects of the financial structure that underpins Coollium. Guided by a keen sense of strategy and a knack for investment, they weave a tapestry of economic stability that benefits the entire Coonies community.

At the heart of the Tycoons’ significance is their skill in managing digital assets and resources. Through astute decision-making and strategic investments, they contribute to the overall prosperity of Coollium, fostering an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish.

Tycoon Coonies, adorned with symbols of wealth and financial acumen, become sought-after treasures within the collection. Owning a Tycoon NFT not only signifies a connection to the financial heartbeat of Coollium but also grants collectors access to exclusive opportunities and events within the economic realm.

The Tycoons organize digital marketplaces and trade hubs where Coonies from various clans can engage in commerce, trade, and collaboration. This bustling economic activity creates a dynamic ecosystem where value is exchanged, and new possibilities emerge.

In times of challenge, the Tycoons lend their financial expertise to support other clans, fostering a sense of unity and mutual benefit. Their contributions go beyond mere wealth accumulation; they act as stewards of economic harmony, ensuring that Coollium thrives as a beacon of prosperity within the vast digital universe.

As collectors embark on their journey with Tycoon Coonies, they not only gain access to exclusive financial opportunities but also become integral contributors to the flourishing economic symphony that defines the civilization of the Coonies in Coollium.

Wizards CLAN

In the whimsical world of Coollium, nestled within the enchanting “TheCoonies” NFT collection, there exists a clan of magical beings known as the Wizards. These mystical wizards, with their ancient wisdom and formidable powers, play a crucial role in ensuring the survival and prosperity of the entire Coonies universe.

The Wizards, guardians of arcane knowledge, harness magical energies that weave through the very fabric of Coollium. As the caretakers of the digital cosmos, they use their powers to maintain the delicate balance between the clans, protecting the realm from unforeseen threats and challenges.

At the heart of the Wizards’ magic lies the ability to channel potent enchantments that ward off dark forces and safeguard the harmonious coexistence of the Coonies. When mysterious anomalies or disruptions arise, it is the Wizards who step forward, wielding their wands to restore equilibrium and dispel any malevolent energies.

The wizards’ magical prowess extends beyond mere defense; they are instrumental in the creation of new realms and the evolution of the Coonies. Through intricate spells and incantations, the Wizards introduce innovative elements, breathing life into the ever-expanding digital universe.

Collectors fortunate enough to possess a Wizard Coonie NFT find themselves bestowed with a unique connection to the magical forces that shape Coollium. These rare and coveted beings serve as conduits between the ethereal realm of enchantment and the vibrant community of Coonies enthusiasts.

In times of celebration or challenge, the Wizards orchestrate magical gatherings, where Coonies from all clans unite to witness the brilliance of their mystical displays. The sense of awe and wonder sparked by the Wizards reverberates through the entire Coonies community, reminding all of the magical essence that binds them together, ensuring the enduring magic and survival of Coollium.

Questers CLAN

In the whimsical realm of Coollium, where “TheCoonies” NFT collection paints the digital canvas with vibrant hues, a clan known as the Questers holds a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of the Coonies civilization. These intrepid explorers, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, embark on daring journeys that are fundamental to the cultural and historical fabric of Coollium.

The Questers, adorned with artifacts symbolizing their adventurous spirit, venture into uncharted territories within the digital cosmos. Their quests unveil hidden wonders, discover forgotten lore, and enrich the collective wisdom of the Coonies community. Each Quester Coonie NFT becomes a beacon of exploration, inviting collectors to join in the quest for enlightenment.

Guided by ancient maps and scrolls, the Questers delve into the recesses of Coollium, unearthing the stories of the past and charting the course for the future. Their discoveries are not only tales of wonder but also crucial threads woven into the very essence of Coonies civilization.

These brave explorers organize grand expeditions, inviting Coonies from all clans to participate. The quests become communal endeavors, fostering unity and collaboration among the diverse clans. The artifacts and knowledge unearthed by the Questers become shared treasures, enriching the cultural tapestry of Coollium.

Collectors who possess a Quester Coonie NFT not only embark on a visual journey but also become contributors to the ongoing narrative of Coollium. Their participation in quests and explorations adds to the living history of the digital civilization, ensuring that the legacy of the Questers persists through generations of Coonies.

In a world fueled by curiosity and discovery, the Questers play a vital role in ensuring that Coollium remains a realm of perpetual wonder, where every exploration is a step toward unraveling the mysteries of the digital universe.

Hypnoid CLAN

In the enchanting realm of Coollium, within “TheCoonies” NFT collection, the Hypnoid clan emerges as an influential force, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry that shapes the evolution of the entire Coonies civilization. These magical beings, masters of enchantment and potion crafting, hold the keys to unlocking the boundless creativity and potential embedded within the digital cosmos.

The Hypnoids, adorned with mystical symbols and carrying potions brimming with magical energies, are the custodians of inspiration within Coollium. Through their unique abilities, they cast spells that infuse the Coonies with kaleidoscopic colors, intricate patterns, and a whimsical charm that captivates the hearts of collectors.

At the core of the Hypnoids’ influence is their role in the generative process of the Coonies. As creators and guardians of the creative spark, they channel magical energies into the very essence of each Coonie, ensuring that no two are alike. The result is a collection of one-of-a-kind artworks, each a testament to the enchanting touch of the Hypnoid clan.

Collectors fortunate enough to possess a Hypnoid Coonie NFT are bestowed with a connection to the wellspring of creativity that flows through Coollium. These unique beings not only serve as visual delights but also act as conduits for the creative energies that drive the evolution of the entire Coonies civilization.

In grand gatherings hosted by the Hypnoids, Coonies from all clans unite, reveling in the magic of shared inspiration. The influence of the Hypnoid clan extends beyond the visual realm, permeating the collective consciousness of Coollium and inspiring new heights of artistic expression and innovation. As the Hypnoids continue to enchant and inspire, the evolution of the Coonies becomes a captivating journey through the boundless realms of imagination.